Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Justin Bieber Gets in Bed with Xenia Deli in 'What do You Mean?' Music Video

Justin Bieber is releasing great music lately. Maybe this is because he's collaborating with some good musicians now with good taste in house music mixed with R&B. With MTV Video Music Awards hype is all over the place, singers like Justin Bieber is taking advantage of this moment by releasing their new tracks. JB dropped the music video of his new MV 'What do You Mean' and boy it is sexy.

Justin Bieber gets in bed with model, Xenia Deli and gets in touch with Joh Leguizamo for the ultimate girlfriend prank. Take a look at 'What do You Mean?' below and leave a comment on the box below. 

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video upload and screengrab credits to YouTube: vevo.


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