Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Alden Richards Guests on Dsweetbox Top 3

Aldub (Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza) are on Christmas vacations, but no worries Aldubnation. I have your dose of 'Pambansang Bae' for today. Alden Richards is our guest on a webisode of Dsweetbox Top 3.

Alden is one of the nicest guy I know and the most humble in this industry. He is one of the few who calls me by my name and not by 'Dsweetbox'. Love you for that Alden! In this webisode of Dsweetbox Top 3, Alden dish out some of his faves so enjoy watching guys and hopefully, I can corner Alden in one of his busy days and do another one of this!

Don't forget to catch Alden's MMFF movie with Maine Mendoza, 'My Bebe Love', it's still showing and make sure to leave your comments below and share this post if you happen to like it. Thanks!

My Alden Richards YouTube Playlist:

photo credits to Alden Richards.


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