Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sarah Geronimo-'From the Top' Concert Videos

It was an amazing show! Sarah Geronimo did it again! 'From the Top' was a concert only Sarah G. can do. I was amaze with her adrenaline, her voice is still powerful, and her non-stop talent filled Araneta Coliseum. Experience the Sarah Geronimo power in my playlist below. I sat beside Gary Valenciano so if you will hear some 'whistling', that's him. 

I love that Sarah sang her own songs and gave tribute to OPM. Her new version of 'Ikot-ikot', her playing the keyboard and, the surprise appearance of Piolo Pascual are just few of the videos you have to see. 

Thanks to my fellow blogger and friend, @Chikkanessave for bringing me to see Sarah G. Follow me on Twitter and IG plus some live streaming on Periscope (@Dsweetbox). Also, SUBSCRIBE to my You Tube channel for more exclusive videos!


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