Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pa-Review-Review Pa!: 'Everything About Her' and Its Superb Ensemble

Today is the day that Star Cinema released their first offering for 2016. 'Everything About Her' stars Vilma Santos, Xian Lim and Angel Locsin. A story about love, family, and redemption.

Vilma Santos is Vivian, who found out that she's dying of cancer. A strong and powerful iron lady, Vivian tried to hide her sickness to everybody and hire Jeka (Angel Locsin) as her private nurse, disguised as a 'personal assistant'. For Vivian's sake, Jeka summoned Albert (Xian Lim) and persuaded him to stay in the Philippines to help Vivian with her recovery and also try to rebuild his relationship with his mother.

'Everything About Her' is a heartwarming story with a deep and hurtful truth, hidden in a light drama-comedic treatment by the director, Bb. Joyce Bernal. You have to join the journey of the characters to fully emerged into what the film is really trying to say without the torture of watching a long-hard dramatic series of events. 'Everything About Her' will give you the real meaning of life, forgiveness, and reality with laughter and occasional tears on the side.

Vilma Santos was superb, no doubt, and you'll be surprise that there is a sparkling chemistry between Angel Locsin and Xian Lim. Xian, is the one to watch out for in this film. He really elevated himself in terms of acting and you will get carried away, especially with his scenes with Vilma. This is the BEST that I've seen Xian Lim act. 

Angel Locsin on the otherhand gave justice to her 'Epal' character. She is the 'light and hope' of the Vivian-Albert relationship but struggles with her own family. This film is the reason why Angel is a set apart from her colleagues in terms of acting. You will love her scene with Vilma and Xian inside the bathroom. I now smell acting awards for these three.

Story: ★★★

Vilma Santos: 
Angel Locsin:
Xian Lim: 

Repeat Value: 

'Everything About Her' is a masterpiece of Bb. Joyce Bernal and it opens today January 27th in theaters nationwide, from Star Cinema. What are you waiting for? Watch it now, Antagal! Check out videos from the premiere night of 'Everything About Her' below.

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