Friday, January 8, 2016

Stay in Shape: 4-Minute Work Out is Best with Capsinesis

In this time when time is not your friend when it comes to working out, we tend to look for easier but effective ways in staying in shape. A lot of diet supplements are in the market now but only few can only help us successfully reach our target body shape. Going to the gym is also kinda hard to do especially for people, like me, who's always on the get go and no time to drop by the gym and do treadmills or gym stuffs (which I can't operate without supervision!).

Good thing that I was introduced to the 4-minute work out. It is a work-out session which you can do anytime of the day, any place you liked doing it. This work-out is effective to people I talked to who's doing it. 

Rose Tejada, an ABS-CBN production assistant do the 4-minute work out everyday. She do it every morning and during production breaks. Same goes to Dr. Lyn Briones, a 44-years-old mother who do this work out every time she find time, in the hospital!

Gina Ylarde, a mother with a drastic lifestyle change. From being a smoker she transformed into a health buff and the 4-minute work out is one of her secret techniques. Now, Gina clim and descends her fourth-floor home all the time! 

Dave Crucena's weight was also a problem for him. He was being bullied because of it and that triggers him to try out some effectice work out regimen and diet supplements. The 4-minute work out was also part of his daily routine.

The common thing about these four is that they all do the 4-minute work out daily and effectively. They find it an easy avenue to work out at the same time, released some stress and excess weight. The four also shared that the 4-minute work out works best with Capsinesis.

Capsinesis is a diet supplement that burns the bulges, crush the cravings and fires up your figure. Capsinesis is an effective fat burner made from raw cayenne pepper with green tea and wild berry (bignay). Cayenne pepper and the two additional ingredients can give 3x more powerful fat burning ability. You can feel the heat goes though you eveytime you take a capsule. I know, I'm trying it right now.

I posted the 4-minute video below and you will see Gina, Dave, Rose and Lyn do the work out with coaches Jim and Toni Saret. Learn more about Capsinesis and how to take it guides at or call them at (02)705-7149 or 0998-992-2774. How about you? DO you like it hot?


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