Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid: Together Again!

After a long time of being paired to other artists and some separation anxieties, Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid are back in each other's arms. 

More known by their unison name, GabRu, Gabbi and Ruru will reunite in a special mini-series in GMA entitled 'Naku Boss Ko!'. The show is produced by GMA News and will air in the Kapuso primetime block. It is a RomCom series with a twist of political satire environment. Gabbi and Ruru hopes that the show will help our youth of today to vote wisely.

But before you see them in 'Naku Boss Ko!', Gabbi and Ruru already reunited with us bloggers recently for a post-Valentine afternoon chitchats.

A lot of catching up happened, I missed them so much. I think, the last time I saw them was last December for their Kapuso Birthdays. We talked about their auditions in Encantadia 2016, what happened last Valentine's day, their viral videos PLUS more. You can check all of them below. For photos from the event, head on to my Facebook page.

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Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia met w bloggers for an afternoon of catchingup and chitchats.Videos on my YouTube channel.
Posted by Dsweetbox on Monday, February 22, 2016


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