Saturday, February 27, 2016

'Idol ng Masa' Robin Padilla is Grateful with Talk N Text

Robin Padilla graced the big event of Talk N Text at the MOA Arena to show how grateful he is with the telecom. Talk N Text is Robin Padilla's very first endorsement during his hard times. Talk N Text was the first to trust him, to open doors for him. Until now, Binoe appreciates the brand and continues to be their ambassador.

Check out videos from TNT Super Panalo Day with Robin Padilla as he sings for the loyal TNT subscribers with his fave song, Wonderful Tonight plus two more song numbers for his loving fans. No Robin Padilla shortage for you now guys! Robin really is the 'Idol ng Masa' and he proved that in one of the videos, wherein he decided to go down the stage even if the securities advised him not to do so. He just shouted 'OK lang 'yan!' then went down and hug and kissed his loyal fans.

The playlist also includes Robin chatting with us and tellin g us his views on the current politics in the Philippines and how thankful he is with Talk N Text. You will also love the video of Robin meeting Maine Mendoza for the first time. Love Maine's reaction!

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