Monday, February 15, 2016

LSS on: 'Misteryo' by Sarah Geronimo with Lyrics

Sarah Geronimo's music grew throughout the years and this year, the Pop Star Royalty released a new album that will define her as an artist. 'The Great Unknown' is Sarah G's new studio album from Viva Records and one track that I love so much is 'Misteryo'. 

Not yet an official single, but 'Misteryo' is such a powerful song that I just found myself singing it all thew time. I mean literally! LSS to the max is what 'Misteryo' has been doing to me.

'Misteryo' is written by the artistic duo of Thyro and Yumi (Bahala Na, Trianggulo, Huwag ka nang Humirit). The Great Unknown also has tracks like 'Ako'y Para Lamang Sayo', 'Unbroken', and 'Tala' as the carrier single.

Sarah Geronimo's The Great Unknown album is now available so get your copy now. For more Sarah Geronimo and showbiz updates, follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @Dsweetbox and SUBSCRIBE to my You Tube channel for exclusive videos.

I also added some videos from Sarah G's album tour. It was an experience that let me discovered some humble and kind characteristics of Sarah Geronimo. Like when she apologized for the kid who got bumped by his body guards. See them below.


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