Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pa -Review-Review Pa!: 'Girlfriend for Hire' A Movie Made for YanDre Fans

Opening today in cinemas is Viva Films' 'Girlfriend for Hire'. The first major movie of Yassi Pressman and Andre Andre Paras, more known for their unison name: YanDre. Directed by first time movie director, Vanessa de Leon, Girlfriend for Hire delivered the kilig, this generation love to see.

Pros: Love to see Yassi and Andre in their first major movie together. Andre Paras and Yassi did some good jobs in doing comedy and providing their fans the amount of kilig their fans truly deserve. There were also a big amount of kissing scenes in the movie with a bonus 'love making' scene. I was surprised to see YanDre do such scene. 

Cons: The movie can only be enjoyed by a select genre of moviegoers. 

Story: ★★

Acting: ★★
Andre Paras: ★★★
Yassi Pressman:★★

Technical: ★★★★☆
Repeat Value: ★★

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