Friday, April 29, 2016

Gerald Anderson and Yen Santos Stars in 'Because You Love Me'

ABS-CBN and Dreamscape Entertainment announced their newest teleserye recently in a surprise event, during the show's story conference. 'Because You Love Me' will star Yen Santos and she is paired with Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca. 'Because of You' will is a love story set in the world of Triathlon.

This is also a reunion of some sort between Gerald and Jake, who were known as the Garcia brothers in the defunct teleserye 'Tayong Dalawa'. This time around, they will still play nemesis/friends and will try to win a Triathlon and Yen's heart.

There is no final date yet for when 'Because You Love Me' will air but it'll be handled by the same team who brought us 'On The Wings of Love'. So now you have an idea on what to expect in this show. Directed by the award-winning director, Dan Villegas, what can you say on 'Because You Love Me'?

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