Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kylie Padilla: Excited to Play Amihan in Encantadia

Encantadia is set to conquer Primetime Television once again this 2016 and new Sang'gres were chosen to make that happen. Pressure? One of the actress who's having that feeling right now is Kylie Padilla. But she said, that instead of feeling the pressure, she is more excited. Kylie will do the beloved character of Amihan. Previously played by Iza Calzado.

Kylie is feeling the vibe of being a Warrior Princess as this has been, well kinda, her training while growing up. Her father Robin Padilla thought her different types of self-defense like Muay Thai, some martial arts, and even on how to shoot with a gun. Kylie Padilla is looking forward in playing Amihan and hopefully, fans will love her portrayal.

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The New Encantadia Sang'gres with director Mark Reyes:

The new cast of #Encantadia2016Videoa on my YouTube channel.
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