Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Aiza Seguerra Apologizes to Robin Padilla

The 2016 election was the most hyped and talked about election in years. Friends became enemies on Facebook, bashing on Twitter, memes on Instagram and more controversial slurs from different parties. Then came the election day itself, it created lots of tensions from anticipated voters and candidates. Even celebrities made some trending posts and actions yesterday. Remember Kathniel?

Aiza Seguerra and Robin Padilla were one of the few who made the news yesterday. Aiza and Robin support the same presidentiable but they had some misunderstanding because of Robin's Instagram post showing a shaded ballot. 

Tweet by @krizzy_kalurky:

Aiza immediately reacted and it created a little gap between the two. But as everybody say in the showbiz industry, we are all family. All is well now between the two and Aiza Seguerra apologizes for her actions. Robin Padilla on the other hand accepted Aiza's apology and they are now both happy as their presidentiable Rodrigo Duterte lead the partial tally of votes and is the unofficial winner of 2016 Presidential Election.

Statement by Atty.Rudolf Philip Jurado on Robin Padilla's election photo:

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