Thursday, May 5, 2016
Thursday, May 05, 2016

Alicia Keys Released New Track After Four Years

I miss her! Finally, after four years, new Alicia Keys songs are coming our way and the first for us to play on repeat is 'In Common'. Fans of Alicia Keys switched her usual piano driven soul songs with a little Latin spice with 'In Common'. And I'm liking this new vibe from Alicia! As she said in a press statement: 

“We all have our issues, our challenges,” Keys said in a statement. “We are all kind of messed up and that’s all right. In fact, that’s what helps us understand each other. To me, that is what’s so beautiful"

'In Common' is part of Alicia's forthcoming sixth-studio album set to be released this year. How excited are you on Alicia's new album? For more entertainment updates follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Periscope. SUBSCRIBE on my You Tube channel for exclusive videos.


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