Sunday, May 1, 2016

Derrick Monasterio Released an Album and Guest in Dsweetbox Fast Talk

The newest Kapuso Balladeer to serenade our hearts with his charm and melody is Derrick Monasterio. You may not know, but Derrick is a crooner at heart. He loves singing ballads and he likes singing from the heart. These traits was noticed by GMA Records and now, Derrick released his first solo album.

The self-titled album consists of OPM classic like 'Kailangan Kita' and original compositions entitled 'Kailangan Mo, Kailangan Ko', Reyna, Pa'no Nga Ba?', and the carrier single 'Give Me One More Chance'. Derrick also had a duet with fellow Kapuso artists in this album. 'Ang Aking Puso' with Julie Anne San Jose and 'Kailangan Mo, Kailangan Ko' with Hannah Precillas.

I had the chance to sit down with Derrick and talk about his album. It was a afternoon that started to be formal then became naughty and fun. I love talking to this guy, no qualms and inhibitions. Just plain, nice, and game Derrick Monasterio. Speaking of game, Derrick guest on Dsweetbox Fast Talk and this time around, we had a little twist. Derrick must show us a part of his body (abs please!) if failed to choose immediately. 

Check out our fun conversations with Derrick and the special Fast Talk edition below. His first kiss and celebrity crushes are to watch out for. Derrick also gave a little album sampler and what makes him different to Alden Richards, so make sure to see the video playlist below.

Derrick Monasterio's album is now available on record bars and digital downloads. You can also stream it on Spotify. But I always love listening albums in physical CDs, I don't know why, but I love the process of putting the CD inside my player and looking at the cover arts inside the albums. Derrick has some eye candy photos for you to feast on!

Aside from his album, Derrick is also the leading man of Bea Binene in the afternoon soap 'Hanggang Makita Kang Muli'. For more showbiz updates follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Periscope. SUBSCRIBE on my You Tube channel for exclusive videos.


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